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Why a Scan Tool

Auterra OBD II Scan Tools
Scan Tool + Performance Meter + Data Logger

Auterra's automotive OBD II scan tool product line combines a scan tool, performance meter and data logger on three different platforms: Windows PC, Android and DashDyno SPD. 

Save money by skipping the dealer and find out why your vehicle's Check Engine light is on. Pays for itself within the first few uses. Measure instant and average fuel economy, data log engine sensors, and measure horsepower and torque. A common file format means data recorded on Android or DashDyno can be viewed on your PC. GPS integration logs sensor data and vehicle position to be viewed within Google Earth. 

NEW! OBD-II adapter software/hardware design information.

NEW! OBD-II adapter software and hardware license for OEM's.

3 Platforms: Windows PC Palm OS DashDyno SPD
Windows PC OBD II Software
Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP supported.
Android OBD II Software
Android software for tablet and phone.
Bluetooth and USB Options
Wireless and USB OBD II hardware available.
Turn Off Check Engine Light
Read codes and display definitions on-screen.
Data Logger
Record and view live vehicle sensor data.
280 Gauges
Supports 280 vehicle parameters.
Works On 1996 or Newer Vehicles
All OBD II protocols supported.
Dyno-Scan for Android
OBD II software for Android.
Dyno-Scan for Windows
OBD II software for Windows.
DashDyno SPD
Ruggedized OBD II automotive computer.

Auterra OBD II Scan Tools, Performance Meters and Data Loggers

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