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DashDyno SPD

DashDyno SPD is a scan tool, performance meter and data logger.

DashDyno SPD is an exciting new in-vehicle mounted device for the automotive enthusiast. Measure instant and average fuel economy, data log engine sensors and GPS position, measure horsepower and torque, trigger alarms lights, and diagnose that pesky Check Engine light. Using a PC, watch a synchronized playback of sensor and GPS data with Google Earth flying above the terrain you just traveled. DashDyno can do this and a whole lot more. 

DashDyno can be handheld or mounted inside a vehicle. A windshield suction cup mount with a quick release feature makes installation a snap. It easily connects to any 1996 or newer vehicle using the OBD II diagnostic port located under the dashboard - no hard wiring is required. The diagnostic port powers the device and offers access to over a hundred different vehicle parameters; such as engine RPM, oxygen sensors, fuel economy, and air-fuel ratio. 

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Key Features Description

  • More Parameters »  DashDyno supports 280 different parameters, including unique parameters like air/fuel ratio, fuel economy and boost pressure. View data on-screen in many different ways such as meter, line graph, bar graph and gauge formats.

  • SD Card Slot » Record all vehicle data to a removable SD card. The Auto-Record feature offers no-touch, long-term data recording over days, weeks or even months at a time.

  • Auxiliary Ports » A GPS input allows recording the vehicle position and sensor data simultaneously. Four analog input ports with selectable voltage ranges allows adding custom sensors.

  • Alarm LEDs » Configurable alarm LEDs to illuminate or flash based upon any vehicle sensor input.

  • Windows Software » View and export DashDyno recorded data files. A DashDyno PC-pass through mode allows connecting a PC to your vehicle for access to even more diagnostic data.

  • DashDyno Software » Quickly navigate the software using the eight-button backlit keypad and the easy-to-use menus. Screen wizards ask simple questions making multi-step operations easy. 

  • Scan Tool Features » The DashDyno displays live vehicle data, reads/clears diagnostic trouble codes and the vehicle freeze frame (the sensor values at the instant the Check Engine light illuminated). 

  • Dyno Features » Auterra invented the scan tool dynamometer and its still the best. The horsepower/torque and acceleration features are powered by advanced mathematics and proprietary algorithms to offer unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, proven by hours of testing against a chassis dynamometer. Check out the fine detail in our horsepower/torque and acceleration graph screen shots. 

  • Description Databases » The Auterra diagnostic trouble code definition databases contain thousands of generic and enhanced code definitions shown directly on DashDyno or Windows software. Pays for itself in a few uses by skipping the dealer and clearing the Check Engine light yourself.

  • Quick Release Windshield Mount » The included windshield mount is very sturdy and has a quick release feature. Simply grab with one hand and pullback on the top lever and DashDyno separates from the suction cup base mount. The OBD II cable also detaches, so in 2-seconds the DashDyno is released from the vehicle ready to take with you. Installation is just as easy. Just push DashDyno onto the base and snap in the cable - this without ever having to remount the suction cup.

  • Free Software Updates » Download free updates directly from the Auterra web site. We've been manufacturing scan tools right here in the USA for a long time. Customers who purchased our version 1.0 product in 2000 have enjoyed free upgrades for over 10 years!

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