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ScanGauge, GTech and DashDyno Feature Review

DashDyno SPD verses the ScanGauge II and GTech Pro feature comparison review. 

Product Feature  DashDyno  ScanGauge   GTech Pro 
Vehicle parameters supported 280 12 11
Enhanced OBD II parameters Yes    
Real-time vehicle sensor display Yes Yes7 Yes1
Instant and average fuel economy Yes Yes  
Air/fuel ratio and turbo boost pressure Yes    
Read/clear "Check Engine" light Yes Yes  
Enhanced and generic DTC codes on-screen Yes    
Freeze frame Yes    
Vehicle on-board test results, readiness monitors and bi-directional tests8 Yes    
Non-stock tire size measurement correction Yes    
Supports 1996 and newer vehicles Yes Yes  Yes2
Windshield suction cup mount with quick release Yes   Yes
Trip computers Yes Yes    
Record and playback sensor data Yes    Yes1 
Removable SD card Yes    
Maximum recordable parameters (channels)10 16   11
Graphics LCD display Yes   Yes
Line graph display with zoom and scroll Yes    
Temperature compensated LCD contrast9 Yes    
Easy-to-use user interface menus Yes   Yes
Software wizards offer step by step guidance Yes    
Auto power-on when vehicle is started Yes Yes  
Line & bar graphs, 2 & 4 meter, and round gauge Yes    
Windows scan tool and analysis software Yes     
PC pass-through mode for connecting laptop to vehicle Yes    
USB port for connection to a PC Yes     
Software/firmware upgradable Yes   Yes
Horsepower and torque measurements corrected per SAE 1349 Yes    
HP corrected for car aerodynamics and environmental conditions Yes    
Acceleration measurements (0-60mph, 1/8 and 1/4 mile, and top speed)  Yes   Yes
G-force sensor  Pending3   Yes
External wide band O2 sensor support (air/fuel ratio) Yes     
External GPS receiver support Yes     
Google Earth playback of GPS data Yes     
CSV and TrackVision data file export4 Yes     
Alarm / sequential shift lights Yes     Yes5
Multiple alarm triggers Yes     
Two auxiliary expansion ports for accessories or sensor logging Yes     
Analog inputs with selectable voltage ranges (0-6V, 0-12V and 0-24V)  Yes     
User configurable analog conversion formulas  Yes     
Digital input and output Yes     
2-channel digital oscilloscope mode Yes     
CAN bus, VPW, PWM, ISO, KWP 2000 Yes Yes  
CAN 6x sample speed mode6 Yes    
Powered by vehicle OBD II connector Yes Yes   
Metric and English units of measure Yes Yes Yes

1GTech Pro only measures g-forces and engine RPM through the cigarette lighter.
2GTech Pro works on most vehicles regardless of model year. Engine RPM through cigarette lighter does not work on all vehicles.
3G-Force Box product that plugs into the DashDyno auxiliary port is not released yet.
4TrackVision software is sold separately. 
5GTech Pro alarms lights only trigger on engine RPM. DashDyno alarm lights can be configured to illuminate or flash based upon any sensor value.
6CAN 6x mode speeds data throughput by as much as six times. Reads six sensors on each message. CAN bus equipped vehicles only.
7ScanGauge has a slow data refresh rate.
8Feature available using the included Windows software and the DashDyno PC pass-through mode.
9Temperature compensated LCD contrast allows a clear display over a wide temperature range. Competing products can turn dark at high dashboard temperatures.
10DashDyno record 16 channels maximum or use the PC software to record an unlimited number of channels.

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