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Why a Scan Tool

Why a Scan Tool

Obtaining Trouble Codes » the vehicle's computer is constantly monitoring all aspects of vehicle operation. If a problem is detected, a trouble code is saved into the vehicles computer memory. Some problems illuminate the dashboard Check Engine light, others do not. Reading the error code can help determine if a problem exists. 

Save Money » a mechanic can charge $100 or more to read a single trouble code - quite expensive. The Auterra Dyno-Scan scan tool saves money allowing you to read and clear codes as many times as required.

Do-It-Yourself Vehicle Repair » the home mechanic needs a scan tool to perform any type of vehicle maintenance. Accessing the trouble codes and extinguishing the Check Engine light after repairs are made is essential. Vehicles with the Check Engine light illuminated fail smog, even if you've repaired the problem yourself and now would pass inspection.

Informed Consumer » not repairing the vehicle yourself? When the Check Engine light illuminates, read the trouble code before taking the vehicle in for repair. Being an informed consumer helps to prevent unnecessary repair bills. 

Purchasing a Used Car » buying a used car is a gamble. Is the car mechanically sound, or is it going to require expensive repairs? Auterra scan tools read trouble codes from the vehicle's memory. Not all trouble codes illuminate the dashboard Check Engine light so a scan tool is required. The Dyno-Scan can be used to verify if a used vehicle trouble code log is free of errors. This does not guarantee the car is free from defects, its just one more indicator that you the consumer can take into consideration.

VIN Switch Scam Protection » Every vehicle made has a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate located on the dashboard that can be viewed through the windshield. VIN switching is a technique used by thieves to disguise the identity of a stolen vehicle by replacing the VIN number plate with a number from a non-stolen vehicle. Fraudulent titles and registration papers are also created to complete the scam. The unsuspecting customer then purchases the vehicle and tries to register it, only to find out its stolen. Law enforcement takes the vehicle from the buyer, returns it to the original owner, and the buyer loses the entire cost of the vehicle. The thieves are so adept at counterfeiting, even used car dealerships have been tricked into selling a stolen vehicle. To help protect yourself against this scam, the Dyno-Scan reads the VIN number from the vehicle's on-board emission control unit (ECU). The on-board ECU computer VIN and the windshield VIN plate must match. If they do not match, find another car to purchase as this vehicle VIN plate has been tampered with. This crime is on the rise and avoiding it could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Engine Tuning » Automobile enthusiasts use our products to assist in obtaining the most performance possible from an engine. Did that engine modification really make more horsepower? How fast is my car in the 1/4 mile? The scan tool Record/Playback feature can also be used to record engine sensors, such as ignition timing advance, as the vehicle travels down the drag strip. After the run, performance data is reviewed and compared to previous runs or other vehicles. Ignition timing advance in particular is useful for determining when the ECU's knock retard is kicking in.

Preventative Maintenance » on every oil change a quick check of the vehicle's trouble codes can head off costly repairs. It only takes a few seconds. Only emission related errors cause the Check Engine light to illuminate. Other vehicle problems, like automatic transmission malfunctions, may only be detected by reading the trouble code. Finding problems before it becomes serious can reduce costly repair bills.  

Used Car Dealer » buying cars at used car auto auctions to resell? Use our scanner to verify the vehicle is free of defects before placing a bid on a vehicle. A vehicle that requires expensive repair is not likely to be a wise business investment. 

Aftermarket Installer » install stereos, alarm systems, or performance components on vehicles? If you accidentally trip the Check Engine light, don't go to the dealer. Read and clear the fault code yourself saving time and money. 

Garage Mechanic » our system costs a fraction of what that $3000 Snap-On unit costs, and provides high-speed graphing and data logging capabilities. 

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