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Auterra, LLC is a leader in selling diagnostic scan tool, performance measuring and data logging equipment to the automotive enthusiast and mechanic alike. No other company has brought more unique and innovative products to the automotive diagnostic tool industry.

Our team has decades of combined experience designing automotive tools. We take pride and strive for excellence in every product. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality, best-engineered products on the market. 

Auterra was founded in 2000 and our first product was the Dyno-Scan for Palm OS PDA scan tool. It was the industry's first scanner based upon the Palm platform. Its immediate success caused many imitators to follow.

To expand the usefulness of our products beyond automotive diagnostics, Auterra invented the scan tool dynamometer. For the first time, you could measure horsepower and torque, acceleration times and even fuel economy using a scan tool.

The Dyno-Scan for Windows laptop solution was created to broaden our offerings beyond the Palm platform. Auterra was the first scan tool manufacturer to use new Microsoft .NET tools as the foundation for a user friendly and powerful diagnostic solution.

DashDyno SPD followed and is a dedicated handheld scan tool and data logger. Data log engine sensors and GPS position, measure horsepower and torque, trigger alarms lights, and diagnose that pesky Check Engine light. Using a PC, watch a synchronized playback of sensor and GPS data with Google Earth flying above the terrain you just traveled. This unique feature is an industry first, as are many other parts of DashDyno.

Dyno-Scan for Android is our latest product. It offers a wireless Bluetooth connection to your Android phone, tablet or Windows PC. 

Auterra also consults for wide variety of customers under Softworks Solutions, LLC. 

Auterra will continue to innovate and enhance our products into the future. Thank you for your interest in Auterra products.

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