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Live Data Parameters

Live data parameters are polled from the vehicle and displayed on-screen and can optionally be recorded for later playback. 

Parameter Descriptions »            Enhanced OBD II Parameters »

Parameter Parameter

+Analog In 1 - 12V
+Analog In 1 - 24V
+Analog In 1 - 6V
+Analog In 2 - 12V
+Analog In 2 - 24V
+Analog In 2 - 6V
+Analog In 3 - 12V
+Analog In 3 - 24V
+Analog In 3 - 6V
+Analog In 4 - 12V
+Analog In 4 - 24V
+Analog In 4 - 6V
+Digital In 1
+GPS Satellites
+GPS Speed
Air Flow Rate From MAP
Air Fuel Ratio
Air Fuel Ratio B1-S1
Air Fuel Ratio B1-S1 2
Air Fuel Ratio B1-S2
Air Fuel Ratio B1-S2 2
Air Fuel Ratio B1-S3
Air Fuel Ratio B1-S3 2
Air Fuel Ratio B1-S4
Air Fuel Ratio B1-S4 2
Air Fuel Ratio B2-S1
Air Fuel Ratio B2-S1 2
Air Fuel Ratio B2-S2
Air Fuel Ratio B2-S2 2
Air Fuel Ratio B2-S3
Air Fuel Ratio B2-S3 2
Air Fuel Ratio B2-S4
Air Fuel Ratio B2-S4 2
Average Economy
Average Speed
Battery Voltage
Boost Pressure
Distance Traveled
Drive Time
Fuel Cost
Fuel Rate
Fuel Used
Idle Percent
Idle Time
Instant Economy
Absolute Evaporative Vapor Pres
Absolute Load Value
Absolute Throttle Pos B
Absolute Throttle Pos C
Absolute Throttle Position
Accelerator Pedal Pos D
Accelerator Pedal Pos E
Accelerator Pedal Pos F
Actual EGR A Duty
Actual EGR B Duty
Actual Engine Torque
Air Flow Rate From MAF
Alcohol Fuel Percentage
Ambient Air Temperature
Average Demanded Consumption
Average Reagent Consumption
Barometric Pressure
Boost Pressure A
Boost Pressure B
Calculated Load
Catalyst Temp B1-S1
Catalyst Temp B1-S2
Catalyst Temp B2-S1
Catalyst Temp B2-S2
Charge Air Cooler Temp B1S1
Charge Air Cooler Temp B1S2
Charge Air Cooler Temp B1S2
Charge Air Cooler Temp B2S1
Commanded Boost Pressure A
Commanded Boost Pressure B
Commanded Fuel Rail Pressure A
Commanded Fuel Rail Pressure B
Commanded Injection Pressure A
Commanded Injection Pressure B
Commanded Throttle Actuator A
Commanded Throttle Actuator B
Commanded Variable Turbo A
Commanded Variable Turbo B
Command Throttle Actuator
Commanded EGR
Commanded EGR A Duty
Commanded EGR B Duty
Commanded Equivalence Ratio
Commanded Evaporative Purge
Commanded Intake Air A
Commanded Intake Air B
Commanded Wastegate A
Commanded Wastegate B
Control Module Voltage
Distance Since DTCs Cleared
Distance Traveled MIL On
DPF Delta Pressure B1
DPF Delta Pressure B2
DPF Inlet Pressure B1
DPF Inlet Pressure B2
DPF Inlet Temp B1
DPF Inlet Temp B2
DPF Outlet Pressure B1
DPF Outlet Pressure B2
DPF Outlet Temp B1
DPF Outlet Temp B2
Driver Demand Torque
EGR A Error
EGR B Error
EGR Error
EGR Temperature B1-S1
EGR Temperature B1-S2
EGR Temperature B2-S1
EGR Temperature B2-S2
Engine Coolant Temp
Engine Coolant Temp 1
Engine Coolant Temp 2
Engine Fuel Rate
Engine Oil Temp
Engine Reference Torque
Engine RPM
Engine Torque Idle Point 1
Engine Torque Point 2
Engine Torque Point 3
Engine Torque Point 4
Engine Torque Point 5
Equivalence Ratio B1-S1
Equivalence Ratio B1-S1 2
Equivalence Ratio B1-S2
Equivalence Ratio B1-S2 2
Equivalence Ratio B1-S3
Equivalence Ratio B1-S3 2
Equivalence Ratio B1-S4
Equivalence Ratio B1-S4 2
Equivalence Ratio B2-S1
Equivalence Ratio B2-S1 2
Equivalence Ratio B2-S2

Equivalence Ratio B2-S2 2
Equivalence Ratio B2-S3
Equivalence Ratio B2-S3 2
Equivalence Ratio B2-S4
Equivalence Ratio B2-S4 2
Evaporative System Vapor Pres
Evaporative System Vapor Press
Exhaust Gas Temp B1-S1
Exhaust Gas Temp B1-S2
Exhaust Gas Temp B1-S3
Exhaust Gas Temp B1-S4
Exhaust Gas Temp B2-S1
Exhaust Gas Temp B2-S2
Exhaust Gas Temp B2-S3
Exhaust Gas Temp B2-S4
Exhaust Pressure B1
Exhaust Pressure B2
Fuel Injection Timing
Fuel Level Input
Fuel Rail Press Relative Manifold
Fuel Rail Pressure
Fuel Rail Pressure (abs)
Fuel Rail Pressure (gauge)
Fuel Rail Pressure A
Fuel Rail Pressure B
Fuel Rail Temp A
Fuel Rail Temp B
Hybrid Battery Pack Life
Ignition Timing Advance
Injection Pressure A
Injection Pressure B
Intake Air Temp B1-S1
Intake Air Temp B1-S2
Intake Air Temp B1-S3
Intake Air Temp B2-S1
Intake Air Temp B2-S2
Intake Air Temp B2-S3
Intake Air Temperature
Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure A
Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure B
Intake Manifold Pressure
Long Term Fuel Trim B1
Long Term Fuel Trim B2
Long Term Fuel Trim B3
Long Term Fuel Trim B4
Long Term Sec Fuel Trim B1
Long Term Sec Fuel TrimB2
Long Term Sec Fuel TrimB3
Long Term Sec Fuel TrimB4
Manifold Surface Temp
Mass Air Flow A
Mass Air Flow B
Minutes Run with MIL On
NOx Concentration B1-S1
NOx Concentration B2-S1
O2 B1-S1 Wide Range mA
O2 B1-S1 Wide Range V
O2 B1-S2 Wide Range mA
O2 B1-S2 Wide Range V
O2 B1-S3 Wide Range mA
O2 B1-S3 Wide Range V
O2 B1-S4 Wide Range mA
O2 B1-S4 Wide Range V
O2 B2-S1 Wide Range mA
O2 B2-S1 Wide Range V
O2 B2-S2 Wide Range mA
O2 B2-S2 Wide Range V
O2 B2-S3 Wide Range mA
O2 B2-S3 Wide Range V
O2 B2-S4 Wide Range mA
O2 B2-S4 Wide Range V
O2 Sensor B1-S1
O2 Sensor B1-S2
O2 Sensor B1-S3
O2 Sensor B1-S4
O2 Sensor B2-S1
O2 Sensor B2-S2
O2 Sensor B2-S3
O2 Sensor B2-S4
PM Mass Concentrate B1-S1
PM Mass Concentrate B2-S1
Reagent Tank Level
Relative Throttle A Position
Relative Throttle B Position
Relative Accelerator Pedal Pos
Relative Intake Air A
Relative Intake Air B
Relative Throttle Position
Run Time NOx Warn
Short Fuel Trim B1-S1
Short Fuel Trim B1-S2
Short Fuel Trim B1-S3
Short Fuel Trim B1-S4
Short Fuel Trim B2-S1
Short Fuel Trim B2-S2
Short Fuel Trim B2-S3
Short Fuel Trim B2-S4
Short Term Fuel Trim B1
Short Term Fuel Trim B2
Short Term Fuel Trim B3
Short Term Fuel Trim B4
Short Term Sec Fuel Trim B1
Short Term Sec Fuel TrimB2
Short Term Sec Fuel TrimB3
Short Term Sec Fuel TrimB4
Time Since DTCs Cleared
Time Since Engine Start
Total Engine Idle Time
Total Engine Run Time
Total Engine Run w/PTO
Total Run w/IE-ACED 1
Total Run w/IE-ACED 10
Total Run w/IE-ACED 2
Total Run w/IE-ACED 3
Total Run w/IE-ACED 4
Total Run w/IE-ACED 5
Total Run w/IE-ACED 6
Total Run w/IE-ACED 7
Total Run w/IE-ACED 8
Total Run w/IE-ACED 9
Turbo A In Compressor
Turbo A In Turbine Temp
Turbo A Inlet Pressure
Turbo A Out Compressor
Turbo A Out Turbine Temp
Turbo A RPM
Turbo B In Compressor
Turbo B In Turbine Temp
Turbo B Inlet Pressure
Turbo B Out Compressor
Turbo B Out Turbine Temp
Turbo B RPM
Variable Turbo A
Variable Turbo B
Vehicle Speed
Warm-ups Since DTCs Cleared
Wastegate A
Wastegate B

+ Parameters marked with a plus (+) are supported by DashDyno SPD only. GPS-related parameters require an external GPS receiver. 

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