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Google Earth is a geographic information system (GIS) and provides a 3D software representation of Earth using satellite imagery. It provides you with the ability to move about the Earth and view any location on the planet from any altitude or viewing angle.

DashDyno and Dyno-Scan for Windows utilize Google Earth to correlate recorded vehicle sensor data with the vehicle's georeferenced position on Earth. This is an extremely powerful tool in analyzing vehicle data whether on a racetrack, off road or around town.

DashDyno records OBD II vehicle sensors data, analog voltages and GPS data onto the SD card. Dyno-Scan for Windows then opens the file and if it contains GPS data, Dyno-Scan for Windows interactively sends coordinate information to Google Earth. You do not need to interact with Google Earth – Dyno-Scan for Windows updates the camera position and viewing angles automatically.

The Auterra DashDyno SPD records GPS positional data to the SD card if an external GPS receiver is connected. Almost any GPS receiver, both puck-style and handheld, will work from makers like Garmin. Supported Serial GPS Receivers »

Download a movie showing the Google Earth feature in action. The movie in AVI format is 15MB.

Google Earth is a free application and may be downloaded from

Google Earth vehicle OBD II scan tool datalogger playback.

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