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Data Logger

The data logger displays and records live data from the vehicle diagnostic port, analog inputs, a digital input, and an external GPS. Up to 16 parameters may be simultaneously recorded. An external SD / MMC memory card slot stores all data.

Recorded data may be viewed directly on DashDyno or a PC using the Dyno-Scan for Windows software. Dyno-Scan for Windows may also display live vehicle data when connected to the mini USB connector for those situations when laptop diagnostics may be preferred. 

Data acquisition of custom sensors, an external wideband O2 controller and even a GPS is easy using the two auxiliary ports. Four analog inputs, a digital input, a digital output and a serial port offer the utmost in flexibility. Each analog input has a 6, 12 and 24 volt range select for monitoring any vehicle signal. A custom formula may be applied to any analog input for conversion into other units of measure. The serial port connects to any serial handheld GPS receiver. 

Three user programmable high intensity alarm lights illuminate or flash when sensor limits are exceeded. The digital output open/closed state is also programmable based upon sensor values.

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