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Auxiliary Ports

DashDyno has two auxiliary expansion ports for connecting custom sensors, an external wideband O2 controller and an external GPS. The ports have analog and digital inputs, a digital output and a serial port for connection to almost any external device. 

Wideband O2

DashDyno measures air/fuel ratio from the vehicle in one of two ways:

  1. If your vehicle has a factory OEM wideband O2 sensor, DashDyno reads air/fuel ratio directly from the vehicle ECU with no additional hardware or wiring. 
  2. If your vehicle has a narrow band oxygen sensor, then an external wideband O2 sensor and controller is required.

There are many wideband oxygen sensor controllers on the market. A threaded female "bung" is welded into the exhaust pipe to hold the wideband sensor within the exhaust gas. A controller reads the air/fuel ratio from the wideband oxygen sensor.

Most aftermarket air/fuel controllers are equipped with a 0 to 5V linear analog output signal. This signal is connected to a DashDyno auxiliary analog input port. Once connected, DashDyno displays and logs air/fuel values sent from the external wideband controller. 

To learn more about air/fuel wideband controllers, visit this manufacture web site.

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DashDyno reads positional information from any serial GPS receiver. A serial cable connects the GPS receiver and DashDyno together. Almost any GPS receiver will work, puck-style or handheld.

Supported Serial GPS Receivers »

Synchronized sensor and GPS data is played back using Google Earth and the Dyno-Scan for Windows software package. Dyno-Scan for Windows interactively sends coordinate information to Google Earth and allows an overhead view or a flying view while sensor data is replayed.

Custom Sensors

DashDyno reads sensors from the vehicle ECU using the OBD II port. However, sometimes its desirable to add a custom sensor of your choosing or measure on-board vehicle sensor directly. For instance, measuring turbo boost pressure using an external intake manifold pressure sensor.

DashDyno is expandable and equipped with two auxiliary ports allowing easy connection of external sensors. The auxiliary ports have four analog inputs, one digital input, and one digital output. Each analog input is range selectable between 0-6V, 0-12V and 0-24V. 

The formula feature is used to apply a conversion scale factor and offset to convert voltage to another units of measure.

All data can be viewed on-screen, recorded to an SD card, and analyzed on a PC.

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