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DashDyno connects to your vehicle's OBD II diagnostic data port. Once connected, it reads Check Engine light failures and displays the diagnostic trouble code definition directly on-screen. 

DashDyno SPD connected to a vehicle OBD II diagnostic port.

Thousands of generic and enhanced code definitions are included for every make and model vehicle. And since DashDyno is so portable, you're never more than a few key presses away from diagnosing a failure and turning off the Check Engine light. 

DashDyno is equipped with numerous other scan tool related features such as displaying live sensor data and the freeze frame which is a snapshot of the sensors at the time of failure. The live sensor data stream can be viewed in a line graph, bar graph, gauge or meter format and recorded for later playback. Driving tests are easily performed with the windshield-mounting bracket. 

For even more diagnostic capability, DashDyno connects to a PC allowing you to use all the features within the Dyno-Scan for Windows software package.

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