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DashDyno Scan Tool Software

The DashDyno SPD scan tool features are powerful yet so easy-to-use. Thousands of generic and enhanced diagnostic trouble code definitions (DTCs), including P, B, C and U codes, provide accurate descriptions for vehicle fault codes. Line graphs, bar graphs, gauges and meters allow you to view live data streams anyway you want. Unlimited data logging and playback from the SD card allows driving tests to uncover those hard-to-find intermittent problems. Not to mention clearing DTCs and turning off the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light, and so much more!

Checkout our Supported Parameters page for a complete list of supported vehicle measurements. Shown below are a few of the key scan tool screens available:

Connect - connecting to a vehicle takes just two key presses. Informative dialogs throughout the software provide assistance. Vehicle Connect Success Screen
Menus - a scrollable user interface is intuitive and fast. DashDyno Main Menu Screen
Diagnostic Trouble Codes - displays the pending and stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) logged by the vehicle. If the vehicle’s Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light on the instrument panel is illuminated, a Stored DTC will be displayed.  Stored Trouble Codes Screen
DTC Lookup - Thousands of DTC definitions are included for all makes and model vehicles. 


Trouble Codes Lookup Screen

Line Graph - displays real-time sensor measurements in a graphical format. A large trace buffer, pause, and zoom make analyzing data a breeze. 

All live data screens can record and playback data obtained from the vehicle.

Move the vertical cursor to get an exact data point anywhere on the graph.


Line Graph Screen
Bar Graph - displays up to two parameters in a bar graph format. All screens can data log sensor onto the SD card.  Bar Graph Screen
Meter 2 - displays up to two parameters in a large, easy-to-read format.  Meter 2 Screen (Air Fuel Ratio and RPM)
Meter 4 - displays up to four parameters in a medium sized font. Meter 4 Screen (Boost Pressure and Analog Input)
List - displays up to 16 parameters in a small font. Scrolling allows viewing 6 parameters at one time. List Screen
Gauge - displays one parameter in a gauge format.  Gauge Screen (Air Fuel Ratio)


Parameter Select - a scrollable list provides easy selection of parameters. 


OBD II Parameter Select Screen
Wizards - wizards offer step-by-step guidance on each screen. The upper right corner shows the current step/total steps. The back button allows going back within the wizard. DashDyno Live Data or Playback Screen

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