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Auterra's Dyno-Scan for Windows dynamometer features include horsepower and torque measurements, acceleration tests, and fuel mileage. The remarkable dyno features are are an Auterra first! Never before has a product combined the power of a diagnostic scan tool with a performance measuring dyno package. Auterra vs. Dynojet comparison » 

Did that engine modification really increase horsepower? What is my vehicle's 0-60 time? How fast is my vehicle on the 1/4 mile? Auterra's Dyno-Scan measures this and a whole lot more!

The Dyno-Scan software records speed and RPM signals while the vehicle accelerates through the RPM range. With vehicle and environmental parameters entered, such as vehicle weight, drag coefficient, altitude, and air temperature, the software creates horsepower and torque curves. 

Environmental factors are corrected for using the industry standard SAE J1349. This dyno correction factor is used to standardize the horsepower and torque readings, so that the effects of air pressure, humidity, elevation, and temperature are removed from the measurements. With this dyno correction factor applied, measurements from a vehicle dyno'ed on a cold day in Denver will produce the same results as a hot day in San Diego.

Vehicle factors, such as drag coefficient, frontal area, and vehicle weight, are also compensated for within the software. This means regardless of whether your vehicle has the aerodynamics of a Ford F150 or a Porsche 911, the software correctly measures power and torque. 

Shown below are a few of the key dyno screens available. Click each image for a larger view. 

Power Torque - displays horsepower and torque curves for the vehicle under test. Move the mouse over the curve to obtain exact HP/torque values anywhere along the curve.

Acceleration - displays acceleration (speed vs. time) for the vehicle under test. Move the mouse over the curve to obtain exact speed and time anywhere along the curve.

Power Torque Run - the software counts down to start a dyno run. An audible beep signals the start of dyno data logging.
Gear Ratio - compute the vehicle's tire diameter and measure the vehicle's overall gear ratio. 

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